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Lemur-watching Sites

In the “Where to See It” section for each species account, we have provided recommendations as to the best sites for seeing each lemur species and subspecies in the wild. In this appendix, we describe the majority of these sites in a little more detail. This is intended to give the reader information on how to reach a specific destination, the variety of lemurs that he or she might expect to see, and what facilities, accommodations, and services are likely to be available. For more information related to government national parks, strict nature reserves, and special reserves, we recommend you consult the Madagascar National Parks website ().

In this section, we also indicate priority sites for visitors to Madagascar. Those with three asterisks (***) are considered a must for the first-time lemur-watcher. Those with two asterisks (**) are also appropriate for those newcomers to Madagascar who have a bit more time, and who want to quickly increase the size of their lemur life-lists. Those sites with a single asterisk (*) are important for particular, very restricted-range species, but are more difficult to reach. Those sites without any asterisks are for the hardy adventurer who may already have a long lemur life-list, and who wants to get way off the beaten track to see new and rarely-visited places.

Sites are listed here in alphabetical order.

Kirindy Forest ***

This site in central-western Madagascar is also known as the Swiss Forest, La Forêt des Suisses, or Kirindy-Nord, and is part of a former 12,500-ha Swiss forestry concession located northeast of Morondava.


Lac Alaotra **

Lac Alaotra is Madagascar’s largest lake and also its most important rice-growing area. It is located in central-eastern Madagascar, just west of Zahamena National Park.


Lemurs’ Park

Lemurs’ Park is a private, 5-ha site located 22 km southwest of Antananarivo along the RN1 (towards Ampefy), between the villages of Fenoarivo and Imerintsiatosika.


Makira Forest

The Makira Forest is one of the largest remaining blocks of forest in Madagascar and is located in the northeastern part of the island, southwest of Maroantsetra.