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Hapalemur meridionalis Warter et al., 1987

Scientific name: 
Scientist name: 
Warter et al., 1987
Southern Bamboo Lemur
Südlicher Bambuslemur
Other english: 
Rusty-gray Bamboo Lemur, Southern Lesser Bamboo Lemur, Southern Gentle Lemur
Hapalémur méridional



Hapalemur meridionalis was first proposed as a subspecies of H. griseus by Warter et al. (1987), based on cytogenetic studies as well as differences in body size and coloration. It is similar in size to Hapalemur griseus griseus and Hapalemur griseus gilberti, with a total length of 65–68 cm and a body weight of 840–870 g (Rabarivola et al., 2007; C. P. Groves, pers. comm.). Its coat color, however, is apparently darker and redder, the ears are longer, and the tail is shorter (Groves, 2001). Mutschler (2000) also found that the vocalizations of Hapalemur meridionalis distinguish it from Hapalemur populations to the north. In Andringitra National Park, this species is sympatric with Hapalemur aureus and Prolemur simus (Wright, 1992; Sterling and Ramoroson, 1996; Goodman et al., 2001). With a clear sighting, H. meridionalis can be distinguished from H. aureus by its smaller size and lack of a golden-colored face, and from Prolemur simus by its much smaller size and the lack of prominent ear tufts.