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Eulemur albifrons (É. Geoffroy, 1796)

Scientific name: 
Scientist name: 
(É. Geoffroy, 1796)
Varika, Varikosy, Varikosa (Makira region), Alokosy
White-fronted Brown Lemur
Other english: 
White-fronted Lemur, White-headed Brown Lemur
Lémur à front blanc



Eulemur albifrons is a medium-sized lemur with a head-body length of 39–42 cm, a tail length of 50–54 cm, an overall length of 89–96 cm, and a body weight of around 2 kg (C. Schwitzer, pers. obs.). This species is sexually dichromatic and its defining characteristics are largely restricted to the head of the male. It is also cranially the most distinct species of the fulvus group (C. P. Groves, pers. comm.). In males, the dorsal coat and tail are medium to dark brown, darkening and becoming redder moving front to rear. The ventral fur is pale gray, sometimes creamy-white on the throat and chest. The muzzle is black and contrasts with the thick white beard, bushy cheeks, and crown. The eyes are reddish-orange. In females, the dorsal fur is similar in color to that of the male and the ventral fur is gray. The face, muzzle, chest and shoulders are dark gray, as is the fur of the head, which contrasts sharply with the white head of the male. In both sexes the tail is darker than the dorsal coat. The male is easily distinguished from other Eulemur species by its distinctive white face. Although the other northern species, E. sanfordi, also has light colored ear tufts and a beard, the beard is much fuller in E. albifrons. Hybrids have been seen from north of Sambava. Females are sometimes difficult to distinguish from related species.