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Eulemur sanfordi (Archbold, 1932)

Scientific name: 
Scientist name: 
(Archbold, 1932)
Ankomba, Beharavoaka, Varika
Sanford’s Brown Lemur
Sanford’s Maki
Other english: 
Sanford’s Lemur
Lémur de Sanford



Eulemur sanfordi is a medium-sized lemur with a head-body length of 38–40 cm, a tail length of 50–55 cm, an overall length of 88–95 cm, and a body weight of 1.8–1.9 kg (Terranova and Coffman, 1997). This species is sexually dichromatic. In males, the dorsal coat is brown, darker along the back and on the tail. The ventral coat is pale brownish-gray. Prominent ear tufts are the most notable feature of the male of this species, ranging from off-white to cream to slightly rufous, and complemented by a beard of similar color that gives the appearance of a mane. The nose, the muzzle, and the face are black. The top of the head is cream-colored to brown and always lighter than the dorsal coat. In females, the dorsal coat and tail are gray-brown, and the ventral coat is a paler gray. The face is also gray, as are the shoulders and the upper part of the back. Lighter patches are often found above the eyes. The female lacks the beard and ear tufts of the male. It is difficult to distinguish female Sanford’s brown lemurs from female white-fronted brown lemurs, E. albifrons. This species is sympatric with E. coronatus throughout its range, but the two can be easily distinguished. Both sexes of E. coronatus have the distinctive V-shaped orange marking above the forehead, and lack the distinctive white ear tufts and light beard of E. sanfordi.