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Eulemur collaris (É. Geoffroy, 1812)

Scientific name: 
Scientist name: 
(É. Geoffroy, 1812)
Red-collared Brown Lemur
Rotwangen-Halsbandmaki, Rotbartmaki
Other english: 
Red-collared Lemur
Lémur à collier roux



Eulemur collaris is a medium-sized lemur with a head-body length of 39–40 cm, a tail length of 50–55 cm, an overall length of 89–95 cm, and a body weight of 2.25–2.5 kg (Tattersall, 1982). This species is sexually dichromatic. In males, the dorsal coat is brownish-gray, the tail is darker, and there is also a dark stripe along the spine. The ventral coat is a paler gray. The muzzle, face and crown are dark gray to black. The creamy to rufous-brown cheeks and beard are thick and bushy, while the creamy to gray-colored eyebrow patches vary in their prominence. In females, the dorsal coat is browner or more rufous than that of the male. The ventral coat is a pale creamy-gray. The face and head are gray. The cheeks are rufous-brown, but less prominent than in the males. Both sexes have orange-red eyes. The red-collared brown lemur is similar in coloration to Eulemur cinereiceps. Male E. collaris can be distinguished from male E. cinereiceps by their beards, those of the former being cream-colored or rufous while those of the latter are white. Female E. collaris are virtually indistinguishable from female E. cinereiceps (S. E. Johnson, pers. comm.). Recent genetic analyses support full species status for both taxa (Djletati et al., 1997; Wyner et al., 1999b).