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Varecia rubra (É. Geoffroy, 1812)

Scientific name: 
Scientist name: 
(É. Geoffroy, 1812)
Varimena, Varignena, Varinaina (Makira region)
Red Ruffed Lemur
Roter Vari
Other english: 
Vari roux



Varecia rubra is a large quadrupedal lemur with a head-body length of 50–55 cm, a tail length of 60–65 cm, a total length of 100–120 cm, and a weight of 3.3–3.6 kg (Vasey, 2003). The dominant coat color is a deep chestnut-red (but sometimes also red-orange or honey-blonde) that covers much of the dorsal body surface, as well as the legs, throat, cheeks and ear tufts (Vasey, 1997a). The ventral coat is black, as are the tail, insides of the limbs, feet, face, muzzle, and top of the head. In addition, there is a white patch on the neck, and small lighter-colored patches may also be present on the heels, digits and muzzle. Variations in color pattern are well known in this species, but do not appear to have a clear geographic pattern. As with Varecia variegata, the red ruffed lemur is difficult to confuse with any other lemur. It is sympatric with the white-fronted brown lemur, Eulemur albifrons, but is larger, has the characteristic ear tufts, and lacks the striking white face. What is more, its raucous vocalizations are unmistakeable.