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Avahi mooreorum Lei et al., 2008

Scientific name: 
Scientist name: 
Lei et al., 2008
Fotsifé, Ampongy, Avahy, Fotsifaka
Masoala Woolly Lemur
Masoala-Wollmaki, Moore’s Wollmaki
Other english: 
Moore’s Woolly Lemur
Avahi de Moore, Avahi de Masoala



Avahi mooreorum is slightly lighter than A. laniger, though slightly longer in body length. The head-body length is 28.4–33.0 cm, the tail is 29.4–37.2 cm, the total length is 57.8–70.3 cm, and the weight is roughly 920 g (Lei et al., 2008). The overall pelage color is a mottled mixture of chocolate-brown and light brown on the dorsum, gradually lightening towards the base of the tail, which is distinctly cream-colored. A distinct whitish patch, characteristic of the genus, is present on the posterior surface of each hindlimb. The ventral surface, including the underside of the limbs, is gray, and the tail is reddish-brown. The head is darker than the back, and a face mask is apparent (though not as pronounced as in other eastern Avahi species). There is no noticeable eyebrow, but a whitish patch is present under each mandible. The ears are not readily seen, blending in as they do with the rest of the head (Andriantompohavana et al., 2007; Lei et al., 2008).