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Avahi peyrierasi Zaramody et al., 2006

Scientific name: 
Scientist name: 
Zaramody et al., 2006
Fotsifé, Ampongy, Avahy, Fotsifaka
Peyriéras’ Woolly Lemur
Peyriéras’ Wollmaki
Other english: 
Avahi de Peyriéras



Avahi peyrierasi is a little smaller than Avahi laniger, with a head-body length of 26.1– 31.7 cm, a tail of 28.5–34.4 cm, a total length of 54.7–66.6 cm, and a weight of 900 g–1.2 kg. The dorsal fur is gray-brown, with either a gray or a white underside and a red-brown tail. The outside of the thighs are gray-brown, and the insides are white. There are small white bands visible along the interior part of the legs, and in some cases along the upper part as well. In some individuals the face is completely encircled by a white border of fur, and white beards and cheeks are also present (Zaramody et al., 2006).

Based on molecular sequence data, Andriantompohavana et al., 2007 and Lei et al., 2008 detected three “types” of A. peyrierasi. Their relationships or possible species status remains to be determined (E. E. Louis Jr., pers. obs.).