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Avahi ramanantsoavanai Zaramody et al., 2006

Scientific name: 
Scientist name: 
Zaramody et al., 2006
Fotsifé, Ampongy, Avahy, Fotsifaka
Manombo Woolly Lemur
Manombo-Wollmaki, Ramanantsoavana’s Wollmaki
Other english: 
Ramanantsoavana’s Woolly Lemur
Avahi de Manombo, Avahi de Ramanantsoavana



Avahi ramanantsoavanai is slightly smaller than Avahi laniger and Avahi peyrierasi, with a head-body length of 24–31 cm, a tail of 33–40 cm, a total length of 54.6–68.9 cm, and a weight of 900–1,200 g (Zaramody et al., 2006; Lei et al., 2008). The dorsal fur is gray-brown and the ventrum is gray, the latter overtaking laterally from a white band on the posterior legs. The tail is red-brown. The facial mask differs slightly from that of A. laniger in that the fur of some individuals is lighter, while the outline of others may be more pronounced (Zaramody et al., 2006).