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“PK 32” and Ifaty

The forest called “PK 32” is near Ifaty, about one hour north of Toliara (= Tuléar) in southwestern Madagascar. It is best known to birdwatchers who come to see local endemics such as the subdesert mesite (Monias benschi), the long-tailed ground-roller (Uratelornis chimaera), and the running coua (Coua cursor). It is also one of the best places to see the gray-brown mouse lemur (Microcebus griseorufus). High-end hotels such as Les Dunes or Le Paradisier cater to more demanding tourists, while the Plage, Vovotelo and Le Baobab Hotels are suitable for those traveling on a more modest budget. Night walks in the forest can be arranged from many of the hotels in the Ifaty-Mangily region along the coast, and information on availability of local guides can be found in hotels such as the Mora Mora and the Lakana Vezo in Ifaty.