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Croc Farm Parc Zoologique

Croc Farm is a private park owned by Reptel, a company that farms Nile crocodiles (Crocodylus niloticus) for leather production. The company, founded by Daniel Bessaguet and Jean Christophe Peyre in 1988, moved into its current premises in Ivato (about five minutes from Antananarivo’s Ivato International Airport) in 1993. In 1994, they opened parts of their crocodile breeding farm to the public, and over the years added various lemur species and other Malagasy fauna to their live collection. The 3-ha park now claims to show more than 80 animal species, including seven different lemurs, fossa (Cryptoprocta ferox), parrots, tortoises and other reptiles, and amphibians. The amphibians and some of the smaller reptiles are housed in a small, very nice vivarium building. The largest part of the park is of course devoted to the breeding of Nile crocodiles. Some 200 large adults live in an artificial lake, and they are fed for the public at 1.00 p.m. on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays. Hundreds of other juveniles and young adults of varying sizes are also on view. Croc Farm is open year-round (except January 1, June 26 and December 25) from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., and admission is 10,000 ariary (about US$5.00). More information can be found at , and the park can be contacted at +261 (0)20 22 03071/00715, or at +261 (0)34 14 30010/30020.