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Varecia variegata editorum (Hill, 1953)

Scientific name: 
Scientist name: 
(Hill, 1953)
Vary, Varikandana, Varikandra, Varijatsy
Southern Black-and-White Ruffed Lemur
Südlicher Schwarz-weisser Vari
Other english: 
Hill’s Black-and-White Ruffed Lemur
Vari noir-et-blanc de Hill



As with the other subspecies of Varecia variegata, this is a large quadrupedal lemur. Although no measurements have been published, it is safe to assume that they are similar to those of V. v. variegata. The fur of V. v. editorum is black and white. The abdomen, tail, extremities, inner aspects of the limbs, forehead, circum-orbital area, top of the head and anterior part of the back are black, whereas the posterior part of the back as well as the flanks, rump and outer aspects of the limbs are usually white. As in V. v. variegata, the coat is fluffy, the tail is long and bushy, and the ears are “ruffed” with long thick white hair. There is no difference in size or coloration between the sexes.