Lepilemur grewcockorum Louis et al., 2006

Scientific name: 
Scientist name: 
Louis et al., 2006
Anjiamangirana Sportive Lemur
Other english: 
Grewcock’s Sportive Lemur
Lépilémur d’Anjiamangirana, Lépilémur de Grewcock
Anjiamangirana Wieselmaki
Repahaka, Boenga, Boengy, Kitrontro, Kitanta



Lepilemur grewcockorum is a small sportive lemur with a head-body length of 25 cm, a tail length of 28–29 cm, a total length of 53–54 cm, and a weight of 780 g (Louis et al., 2006b). The pelage is predominantly gray above and light gray to white below with chocolate-mottled fur on the shoulders and along the sides of the body. A dark stripe is present on the midline of the crown. In some individuals, it continues onto the back. The ears are quite conspicuous with short hairs on the dorsal surface so they look almost pink. The tail is usually entirely gray, but it can have a white tip of variable length (this characteristic is also found occasionally in L. edwardsi and L. otto). The area around the maxilla and the dorsal surface of the snout is whitish-pink with whitish fur along the mandible that continues down the throat (Louis et al., 2006b).