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Hapalemur occidentalis Rumpler, 1975

Scientific name: 
Scientist name: 
Rumpler, 1975
Bokombolo, Akomba-Valiha, Bekola, Kofiy, Kitronytrony
Northern Bamboo Lemur
Westlicher Bambuslemur
Other english: 
Western Lesser Bamboo Lemur, Western Gentle Lemur
Hapalémur occidental



Hapalemur occidentalis is similar in size to Hapalemur griseus, with a head-body length of 27–28 cm, a tail length of 36–39 cm, and a total length of 55–67 cm. It appears to show a noteworthy degree of sexual dimorphism in terms of weight, with males averaging 846 g, but females reaching 1,188 g (E. E. Louis Jr., unpubl. data). It is more uniformly gray-brown in coat color than H. griseus, and its face is paler than other members of the genus. Ear length is similar to H. griseus (Groves, 2001; C. P. Groves, pers. comm.). It differs in diploid chromosome number (2n = 58) from H. griseus and H. alaotrensis (2n = 54) (Rabarivola et al., 2007). This species is unlikely to be confused with other diurnal lemurs in its range. It is considerably smaller than any of the Eulemur species and is usually associated with stands of bamboo.