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Hapalemur griseus griseus (Link, 1795)

Scientific name: 
Scientist name: 
(Link, 1795)
Bokombolo, Kotrika, Kontè (Ambalarondra region)
Gray Bamboo Lemur
Östlicher Bambuslemur, Grauer Bambuslemur
Other english: 
Eastern Gray Bamboo Lemur, Eastern Lesser Bamboo Lemur, Gray Gentle Lemur
Petit Hapalémur gris



Hapalemur griseus is the best known of the bamboo lemurs and also one of the smallest. The nominate form has a head-body length of around 30 cm, a tail length of 37 cm, a total length of 67 cm, and a weight of 700–850 g (Glander et al., 1992; Terranova and Coffman, 1997; Rabarivola et al., 2007; C. P. Groves, pers. comm.). The coat color ranges from gray to olivaceous to rust-brown, and there are usually darker and more reddish patches on the head and shoulders. The face is lighter colored. Males and females are not sexually dimorphic. Bamboo lemurs are easy to identify. They are different from members of the genus Eulemur (the only other sympatric diurnal lemurs with which they might be confused) in being considerably smaller and in having a shorter muzzle. They are also usually found in or near stands of bamboo.